The trick to this question is realizing that there really is no bad answer other than maybe “my work style is to avoid work all together and wander around the office chatting and interrupting people from their work!”

Oddly, my own answer to this question might sound like a negative at first.  My answer is that I hate to be bored.  The funny thing about this is that I am probably the best person to assign to a boring task  because I will find a way to get through it as fast as possible, probably by automating it.

I once was tasked with testing APIs and after the first day, I was literally falling asleep in my cubicle.  The next day, I started to find ways to speed this up and get me out of API hell.  First I build a batch file to run them all at once.  Next I found the validation of the output file tedious so I went online to find a diff tool to compare two files.  Once I evaluated the first output file and assessed that it passed, I set this file aside as my expected result.  The next build that I had to test, I compared the new output to my expected result using this diff tool.    After this I created a batch file to run the diff tool between all my test results and my expected results and produce a summary report.  Within a few months, I had created an in-house tool using Perl and CGI and had an automation suite that would run 10,000 API tests in 45 minutes.  Sometimes a little boredom is a good thing!

The fact that I know this about myself and that I have found a way to turn something that could have been a negative into a positive benefit to the company is a much more powerful statement than “I like everything”.  Rather than treating this as an annoying interview question, treat it as an opportunity to really study your strengths and weaknesses and recognize how to create the best situation for yourself.